A Sydney developer with a fresh vision, Truslan’s meticulous design philosophies mean they are consistently delivering large spaces and apartments that you will be glad to call home.

With an intimate understanding of Sydney’s property market, Truslan’s attention to detail and appreciation of functional spaces allows them to deliver unique and memorable living spaces from conception to development.

Prologue is the latest urban living destination in Truslan’s portfolio, combining cutting edge design, generous living space and a well-connected location in Sydney’s Lower North Shore.

A brand-new development with just 30 boutique apartments, Prologue promises an enviable location in St Leonards, a burgeoning area of Sydney that is connected to food destinations, shopping strips and quick access points to the glittering centre of the city.

Discover a fresh approach to modern design that allows generous living space without sacrificing location.

Explore and connect to the active culture of St Leonards.  Imagine yourself in a space defined by art and culture, greenery and space, and an innovative approach to living.

Each boutique apartment is designed to evolve with you and adapt to our modern needs with spaces that can easily flex from day to night, work to play and couple to family.

A space that grows and evolves with your life

Prologue challenges the norm and lets people envision their future home as they never have before.

A unique element of the Prologue apartments is their multifunctional design. A portion of the available space is designed to be adapted into a different form.

A flexible, adaptive and evolving home

A home is where stories begin. It’s where first steps are taken, where first words are spoken. A home is where new beginnings turn into memories that last a lifetime.

Begin your new life at Prologue. With space for a family of two to turn into three, or for three to turn into four. There’s room to grow, with each apartment offering the space and functionality you need to live your life.

Discover the convenience of a Prologue lifestyle

Make the most of your morning commute. On the short walk to the train station, stop in at one of the local cafes at the heart of the buzzing coffee culture in the Lower North Shore. Take the time to sip one of Sydney’s best coffee’s on the 15-minute commute to the CBD, and start the day with a fresh perspective.

Without having to leave the comfort of your neighbourhood, you will have access to all the retail you need – on your doorstep. Whether you enjoy a large-scale retail experience to unwind, or if you need to shop for the essentials for your family, St Leonards has both.

Just a stone’s throw from Prologue are the international stores of Westfield and Chatswood Chase and a range of local designer brands.

Everything your life needs, right at your doorstep

Without having to venture further than a stroll down the street, a home at Prologue gives you access to parks to play in, green spaces to explore, schools to grow with and health care facilities for your peace of mind.