Trust the Experts

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Trust the Experts

Welcome to the Truslan Group digital platform. Your place to find regular and insightful updates on property trends, local news, events, reviews and recommendations around Sydney. With over 150 townhouse developments underway in Sydney’s North Shore, at Truslan Group, we want this to be your digital platform, where we share our passion for property with locals and those who want to join our digital hub.

We’re a different kind of property service. Are you looking for a variety of solutions in one simple platform? Truslan Group, together with its specialist partners, Truslan PDM, Truslan Constructions and Truslan Estate,  cover all aspects of the property development from planning and strategy, through to building communities.

Sydney is a special place, and Truslan Group wants our neighbourhoods to thrive through intuitive development. As a discerning property buyer, you need something different, Truslan Group’s approach is holistic, and we understand that your needs may be different to your neighbour’s. We also know that you want to be kept up to date with the latest local market news and developments – you can treat us as your local community news desk, providing insights through our website and our social media channels. It’s our job to keep you in the loop.

The properties Truslan Group construct, where you and your neighbours feel right at home, become part of a vibrant community. We enhance the experience of this community by creating beautiful, functional, and unique developments. The thrill of moving in will stay with you as you invest your life in Sydney.

How do we do this? The Truslan Group team has always got a finger on the pulse of our neighbourhood, gathering information, analysing it and reporting back to the developers about what projects will most benefit the area.

Truslan Group’s trusted and talented partners – innovative companies and individuals who have many years of experience, work with us to create beautiful spaces. Together with our dedicated teams, we sit down with our clients to nut out the scope of the project from start to finish, using our extensive knowledge to recognise the unique features of a space.

Allow us to introduce you to our partners.

Truslan Project Development Management

Truslan PDM turns ordinary spaces into quality developments. Different to a traditional development company, Truslan PDM begins by gaining a deep insight into the local environment and community, before starting the process of construction.

The team aims to understand how the spaces are going to be used by the people who occupy them and in this way they have achieved an outstanding track record of developing exceptional structures.

Through research and meticulous planning, Truslan PDM paves the way for projects to contribute to the heart of a neighbourhood.

The team helps clients with:

● Property development management services

● Site procurement and acquisition

● Design development and approval

● Detailed design development

● Tender and construction

● Physical completion and delivery

Truslan Constructions

Collaborating with some of the best suppliers and partners in town, Truslan Constructions build unique homes, created to give owners a desirable place to grow and prosper – whether they be residential, commercial or industrial spaces. Every construction is designed, planned and built on time, and within budget.

Our experienced team accept nothing but the most exquisite craftsmanship on all of their projects, using quality materials and the safest construction techniques. The buildings created will stand the test of time, and only improve with age.

The services the team covers are:

● Constructions Services

● Pre-construction planning

● Building applications

● Engineering and structural assessment

● Domestic and commercial construction management

● Complete project management

● Design coordination and adoption

● Specialist finishing integration

● On-site management and quality control

Truslan Estate

We’re all about quality, Truslan Estate‘s friendly team offers exceptional service through property consulting, sales and marketing for all of our builds.

We live and breathe the Sydney property market; some might even say it’s an obsession. This level of knowledge means that we can give you a deep and intimate understanding of the local property market.

It would be hard to find a more dedicated and experienced group of property professionals. Our services include:

● Property Consulting

● Sales and Marketing

● Branding

● Property Maintenance

● Tenant Liaison

● Return Maximisation

● Detailed Financial Reports

● Project Management

At Truslan Group, we are passionate about the thriving community of Sydney and are excited to contribute to it with our current developments and future opportunities.

Keep checking back for regular reviews, events, developments and updates while staying ahead of the curve on property trends and investment tips.