Truslan Group

Build on Trust

Welcome to the Truslan Group, we’re an integrated platform which offers property services through our specialist network of partners: Truslan PDM, Truslan Constructions and Truslan Estate.
” To enhance the experience of occupants, and in turn create a better community. “
The Truslan Group openly collaborates with specialists across the property sector. Its experienced team provide counsel and guidance to the wider property community to help create quality developments. Each structure built by the Truslan Group has a precise purpose in society.

Truslan PDM

Truslan Project Development & Management (Truslan PDM) is a property development specialist which is renown for producing quality builds across Sydney. Committed to unearthing a property’s true potential, Truslan PDM has an outstanding track record of transforming ordinary spaces into quality developments.

Truslan Estate

Truslan Estate is a Sydney property agency that offers consulting, management and sales services for high quality builds. With a deep and intimate understanding of the Sydney property market, Truslan Estate’s consulting team deliver exceptional service and uphold a reputation for quality.

Truslan Constructions

Truslan Constructions creates cornerstone properties built to stand the test of time. The company’s experienced team assure exquisite craftsmanship in each build, with each project thoughtfully designed to create a structure fit for its intended purpose.

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